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In 1962, Ridge made its first Monte Bello, and two years later its first zinfandel. Since that time, Ridge has championed single-vineyard winemaking, searching California for those rare and exceptional vineyards where climate, soil, and variety are ideally matched.

At Ridge, we call our approach to winemaking “pre-industrial.” We believe that for anyone attempting to make fine wine, modern additives and industrial processing limit true quality. Relying on the natural yeast, we let the terroir define the wine and make our winemaking decisions based upon taste, not a recipe. We believe in transparency and as a result, we include a list of ingredients on every wine we make. We are committed to sustainability and organic farming and we are the largest grower of organically certified grapes in Sonoma County and the Santa Cruz Mountains appellation.



Bios & High Res Photos

  • Paul Draper, Chairman of the Board BioPhoto
  • Mark Vernon, CEO BioPhoto
  • David Amadia, President BioPhoto
  • David Gates, Sr. VP of Vineyard Operations BioPhoto
  • John Olney, Head Winemaker & COO BioPhoto
  • Michael Torino, Sr. VP Global Sales BioPhoto
  • Ryan Moore, Sr. VP Consumer Sales BioPhoto
  • Charles Marin, VP Finance BioPhoto

Winery High Res Photos

  • Lytton Springs Winery Photo
  • Monte Bello Winery Photo

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