Press Kit

Our online press-kit includes our winery background, our logo (in a variety of file formats), biographies and high-resolution photographs of people, high-resolution winery images, a PowerPoint overview, links to current release information, and printable press.


Ridge Vineyards Summary
Ridge Vineyards press kit PDF
Description: Four-page PDF covering the winery’s history, our organic and sustainable farming practices, and our winemaking philosophy.


Ridge logo (Zip archive)

Description: This Zip archive contains EPS, JPG, PDF versions of our logo plus information on font, Pantone, and web colors. Also included is a brief history of the winery (MS Word).


Paul Draper

  • Biography
    Paul Draper biography (MS Word)
    Brief Description: Paul Draper is CEO/Winemaker of Ridge Vineyards.
  • Paul Draper Photo

    Paul Draper, Winemaker & CEO

    Paul Draper, Winemaker & CEO

  • Paul Draper and Bodhi Photo


    Paul Draper & Bodhi

Ridge Winemakers

Ridge winemakers

Ridge winemakers

Description: L to R: David Gates (Vice President of Vineyard Operations), Paul Draper (CEO/Winemaker), John Olney (Vice President of Winemaking, Lytton Springs), Eric Baugher (Vice President of Winemaking, Monte Bello)

Eric Baugher
VP, Winemaking at Monte Bello

John Olney
VP, Winemaking at Lytton Springs

David Gates
VP, Vineyard Operations


Monte Bello Estate

Ridge Vineyards, Monte Bello

The historic barn at Monte Bello (original production facility) and tasting room.

Monte Bello Vineyard


Monte Bello vineyard

Lytton Springs Estate

Lytton Springs winery

Lytton Springs winery

Description: Lytton Springs Winery and tasting room (straw bale construction building).

Barrel Stack

Barrel stack

Barrel stack, american oak, 200 liter bourbon barrels.


Ridge PowerPoint presentation
Description: Thirteen-page winery overview: history, winemaking philosophy, locations, current releases, winemaking team.

Description: Archives of select articles as printable PDFs

  • Decanter (March 2000) – Man of the Year – Paul Draper (36 MB PDF)
  • San Francisco Chronicle (8 December 2006) – Winemaker of the Year – Paul Draper (30 MB PDF)
  • Wine Spectator (15 May 2004) – Zin Masters – Paul Draper on cover (23 MB PDF)
  • Decanter (July 2008) – New World Greats to Lay Down – 2004 Monte Bello (4 MB PDF)
  • Judgment of Paris 30 Year Re-enactment (10 MB PDF)