Forming a Diversity Committee

“Two of our Core Values at Ridge are respect for People and our traditions and Collaboration. We have always believed that what makes us unique and a great company to work for is our rich diversity of people who come together every day. We would not be who we are, and where we are, without the contribution of every single one of our employees, their ideas, their backgrounds, and their passions. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we recognize that we can do better and know that our success is dependent on our ability to weave diversity, equity, and inclusivity into our culture.” –Mark Vernon, CEO

How We Got Started

Our Vision and Mission


Keeping with our pioneering spirit, we seek to cultivate an environment of belonging which drives Ridge to become the industry leader in diversity, equity, and inclusivity.


Inspired by our field-blended wines whose finished product is greater than the sum of its parts, we continuously strive to ensure our company is diverse and inclusive throughout. We develop deep roots in our community and provide the necessary resources for our people to grow and flourish. Above all, we commit to holding ourselves accountable as an industry leader, cultivating an environment where people feel empowered to be their authentic selves.

What We're Working On

Launched in March of 2020, the Diversity Committee’s primary goals are employee development, community involvement, improved communication, and to build the future of the Committee.

In 2021, we took some initial steps in developing a diversity strategy by conducting the Voice of Employee Survey (VOE). The results of the survey identified the current cultural climate at Ridge and opportunities for improvement. Working with our two third-party DEI consultants, we are gaining better insight into how employees experience working for Ridge. Through these efforts, we’ve identified three main areas of improvement; Ridge executives have partnered with the Diversity Committee to form working sub-committees to create a targeted approach to these improvements.

As part of the Ridge’s on-going diversity efforts, the Diversity Committee is working closely with our executive and leadership teams to develop a DEI (Diversity Equity and Inclusion) strategy for the winery. This currently includes DEI training and exercises, developing new employee onboarding materials, and developing sponsorship & giving programs.

Our ongoing efforts aim to improve the workplace environment for all Ridge employees. Get to know our team members at the link below.

Meet the RIDGE Team

Charitable Giving

Through charitable donations that align with our core values, Ridge Vineyards supports organizations that sustain our local communities. We focus our giving in the areas of education, health, community services, and the arts. Our goal is to foster growth within these underserved communities and to shine a light on their efforts to improve the wine industry. In addition to our long history of donating to Bay Area and National organizations, the Diversity Committee is creating new partnership with charities near and dear to our hearts.

This year, our newly formed Charitable Giving Sub-Committee introduced a company policy in which employees receive paid hours off to support our local communities. The committee plans to arrange donations and volunteer days for the following organizations:

Redwood Empire Food Bank
Second Harvest
Sonoma County Pride
California Farmworker Foundation

If you are an organization looking for assistance, please refer to the link below.

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Our Members

Christina Donley
• Chair Emeritus // Director of Sales - Western Region • Wholesale

David Gates
• Executive Sponsor // Senior Vice President, Vineyard Operations • Production

Sara Rossini
• Communications Chair (DC Onboarding & Recruitment) // Wine Club Lead • Retail

Heidi Nigen
• Budget & Finance Chair // Director of Supply Chain & Logistics • Production

John Musto
• Research & Data Analytics Chair & Voice of Employee Co-Chair // Manager of Business Insights & Analytics

Oscar Herrera
• Voice of Employee Co-Chair // Cellar Master, Lytton Springs • Production

Tom Deaso
• Marketing Co-Chair // Regional Sales Manager - Eastern • Wholesale

Micayla Roberts
• Marketing Co-Chair // Digital Marketing Manager • Marketing

Liz Brosnihan
• Diversity Committee Member // Senior eCommerce Manager • Marketing

Poppi Monroe
• Diversity Committee Member // Central Regional Sales Manager • Wholesale

Shauna Rosenblum
• Diversity Committee Member // Winemaker, Lytton Springs • Production

Dianne Gutierrez
• HR Representative // Human Resources Manager

A Leader in DEI

The Diversity Committee is committed to implementing a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion mindset and continually improving the workplace environment for everyone at Ridge.

If you would like to learn more about our work, please reach out to diversity@ridgewine.com.
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