Our winemaking team consists of Eric Baugher, John Olney, and David Gates.

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Paul Draper

Paul is known for the fine cabernets and chardonnays of the Monte Bello estate vineyards, and as a pioneer in the production of long-lived, complex zinfandels, in particular, those from the Geyserville and Lytton Springs vineyards.

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Organic & Sustainable

We decided to farm organically because we believe it leads to better grapes and higher quality wines. This approach in the vineyard, plus our traditional approach to winemaking, will provide the finest possible wines for our customers.

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Ingredient Labeling

Ridge provides on its labels a list of actions and ingredients to demonstrate how little intervention is necessary to produce a fine, terroir-driven wine from distinctive fruit.

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Judgment of Paris

In 1976, Steven Spurrier, an Englishman running a wine shop and wine school in Paris, organized a tasting of six top California cabernets and chardonnays to celebrate the American Bicentennial. He added four Bordeaux wines and four white Burgundies to act as markers against which to evaluate the Californians.

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Video Profile

View a selection of videos spotlighting a variety of topics including an overview of our history, our pre-industrial approach to winemaking, aerial tours of our vineyards, and much more.

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Historic Monte Bello

The properties that now comprise the Ridge Monte Bello Estate were first developed and planted to wine grapes during the late 1800s and early 1900s by four different, unique owners.

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Historic Lytton Springs

The vineyards and surrounding property at Lytton Springs are named after Captain William H. Litton, a colorful figure in early Sonoma County history who dabbled in land speculation, making and losing several fortunes, Lytton Springs being his last major enterprise.

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