Ridge's Philosophy on Charitable Giving

Through charitable donations that align with our core values, Ridge Vineyards supports organizations that sustain our local communities. We focus our giving in the areas of education, health, community services, and the arts.


An educated population is the cornerstone of democracy and a free society. This nation’s well-being depends on the decisions of its educated and informed citizens.  Because our children are our nation’s future, their development affects all of us. Education is critical to economic opportunity and access to the good things in life.


Health encompasses the total well-being of all people. This includes not only access to medical treatment but mental health, proper nutrition, preventative care, as well as research and development aimed at finding cures to a range of diseases. We support a wide array of charities in the area of health whose mission it is to improve the quality of our lives.

Community Services

We believe in supporting and connecting with the people and services that our communities depend on. A wide range of community service organizations provide critical lifelines and services that help keep our lives, homes, pets, and businesses functioning and safe. We recognize these people and organizations for their daily, ongoing hard work and efforts to build better communities that we too often take for granted.

The Arts

The arts contribute to our awareness and enjoyment of the world around us. We support those that share their talents and make us see the world in often new and unexpected ways, which inspires us to grow, imagine, innovate, and create.

Submitting your Donation Request

  • Donation requests can be made using our online donation form.
  • Requests must be submitted a minimum of 90 days prior to the event date. Requests made less than 90 days prior to the event cannot be considered.


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