Packaging is the largest hurdle we have in the wine industry for lowering our carbon footprint. Through our partnership with IWCA, we are diligently working to reduce these emissions by searching for more responsible options.

Glass & Keg

Fine wines have always been packaged in glass, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to improve. On average, glass bottles alone account for about 20% of total emissions in the wine industry; the global average bottle weight is 550g. In 2022, Ridge Vineyards converted entirely to lighter bottles weighing 465g. Learn more about how this transition saves tons in carbon emissions.

While most of our wines are meant to age, we produce a few wines that are in a drink-now style and poured by the glass at top restaurants around the world. For this reason, we decided to put a small portion of our Three Valleys blend in reusable kegs. Each keg is the equivalent of 26 bottles, and over the course of a year, this program will eliminate the use of more than 10K glass bottles, corks, and packaging materials. Learn more about our keg program.


Most RIDGE wines are made for aging, and the best way to keep stored wine fresh is by using cork. We only use natural cork in our bottles; this 100% renewable and sustainable resource is unrivaled for premium wineries. Learn more about natural wine cork and its benefits.

Packing Materials

While our branded wood boxes are popular with collectors, we acknowledge that there are better options available. That’s why we’re switching to a new three-bottle box made from 100% recycled paper, water-based ink, and green cell foam packing materials. This innovative product is a natural, environmentally friendly option made from corn that dissolves in water.

Starting in November 2021, we transitioned our warehouse shipment packaging (the padding material inside each shipment box) to be our own recycled case boxes as opposed to bubble wrap or other pre-purchased materials. Read more about the clever solution by the warehouse team.


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