Savvy Warehouse Team Implements Recycled Shipment Material Program

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November 2021

Ridge wine shipments are getting a new look! Starting November 1st, we transition our warehouse shipment packaging (the padding material inside each shipment box) to be our own recycled case boxes as opposed to bubble wrap or other pre-purchased materials. Read on to understand the clever conception and solution by the warehouse team.

The Search for Packing Solutions

“As an IWCA applicant member, Ridge is striving to achieve carbon neutrality by lowering and offsetting our carbon footprint, thus becoming a more responsible corporate citizen. As part of this program, Warehouse Manager, Jonathan Pascua, and his team have been looking into limiting the footprint at the warehouse. One day, Jonathan and his Assistant Manager, Alex, were discussing the difficulties involved with disposing of the pile of cardboard that is created after the clubs and daily orders are packed. They began looking for a solution. That is when the shopping began.  Shopping for an industrial shredder.”

Warehouse team gets crafty and eco-friendly with wine packing material.

“Necessity is the mother of invention. We have all heard that before, and with the holiday season upon us, we have the need for packing material as well as a duty to become a greener company. The team has found a machine to turn our cardboard waste into useful packing material. By mid-October, a location was scouted, the power supply had been upgraded to fit the needs of this new machine, and we’re up, running, and reducing our carbon footprint. The warehouse team continues to think outside the box (pun intended) regarding innovation and efficiency.” 

Written by Charles Marin, VP Finance.

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