Our Ongoing Commitment to Sustainability: Kegs

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In 2023, we made several changes to packaging in our wholesale department. One of our biggest changes was putting a small amount of our 2021 Three Valleys into kegs. We partnered with Free Flow Wines, a kegging facility in Sonoma whose commitment to quality in this space is unparalleled.

Program Impact

The decision to keg this wine is a natural extension of our commitment to sustainability and core value of offering quality wines.

“We take the quality and sustainability of our wines very seriously at Ridge which is why we spent more than two years building a meaningful relationship with Free Flow to ensure our wines could be kegged and served at our highest standards,” said John Olney, Head Winemaker of Ridge Vineyards.

With the switch to kegs this year alone, there will be:

  • 10,400 bottles saved from the landfill
  • 15,600 lbs. of waste saved from the landfill
  • 18,496 lbs. of CO2 emmisions saved

Fun Facts About Reusable Stainless Steel Kegs

  • 40-60% of total emissions of a bottle of wine come from a traditional glass bottle. You’ll see at least a 76% reduction in CO2 footprint with reusable stainless steel kegs. Steel kegs are infinitely reusable.
  • One steel keg saves the CO2 equivalent to that sequestered by 28 trees.
  • Each steel keg put into service eliminates the carbon emissions equivalent to taking a car off the road for two years.
  • Each steel keg will save 2,340 lbs. of trash from the landfill over its lifetime.

“While most of our wines are meant to age, we produce a few wines that are in a drink-now style and poured by the glass at top restaurants around the world. For this reason, we decided to put a small portion of our Three Valleys blend in reusable kegs. Each keg is the equivalent of 26 bottles, and over the course of a year, this program will eliminate the use of more than 10K glass bottles, corks, and packaging materials.” – Michael Torino, Sr. VP Global Sales

About Free Flow:

As the pioneers of premium wine on tap, Free Flow’s mission is to deliver the freshest, best tasting, most sustainable glass of wine. Their keg leasing, filling and logistics services have allowed the wine and hospitality industries to move to a greener, fresher, better way to serve wine by the glass. They are passionate about what they do and are always looking for new ways to ‘think outside the bottle’.

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