40 Years of ATP

2017 marked the 40th year of our Advance Tasting Program.


The ATP program is California’s original wine club with its roots dating all the way back to 1977. Since the beginning, the ATP program has provided a small membership base of loyal customers the unique opportuinty to gain access to extremely limited wines from distinctive vineyards throughout Northern California. We have always believed that great wine comes from great vineyards; expressing an unmistakable sense of place; best achieved through natural, non-interventionist winemaking practices. Thank you for being part of the Ridge family, and we look forward to celebrating this significant anniversary with you for years to come.

ATP History

Explore the origins of California’s original winery wine club.

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The Past Releases

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2018 & 2019 Releases

2019 ATP Shipment Schedule

Wine Seasonal Monthly
2016 Carmichael Zinfandel Winter (Feb.) January
2016 Boatman Zinfandel Winter (Feb.) February
2015 Mazzoni Home Ranch Winter (Feb.) April
2016 Lytton Estate Syrah Grenache Mataro Spring (April) May
2017 Buchignani Ranch Carignane Spring (April) June
2014 Buchignani Zinfandel Spring (April) September
2017 Rockpile Zinfandel Fall (Oct.) October
2017 Guadagni Zinfandel Fall (Oct.) November
2015 York Creek Petite Sirah Fall (Oct.) December

2018 ATP Shipment Schedule

Wine Seasonal Monthly
2013 York Creek Mill Block Zinfandel Winter (Feb.) January
2014 Lytton East Hills Winter (Feb.) February
2015 Carmichael Zinfandel Winter (Feb.) April
2013 Buchignani Zinfandel Spring (April) May
2016 Buchignani Ranch Carignane Spring (April) June
2014 Mazzoni Home Ranch Spring (April) September
2015 Boatman Zinfandel Fall (Oct.) October
2016 Guadagni Zinfandel Fall (Oct.) November
2014 York Creek Petite Sirah Fall (Oct.) December

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