Wines of the 40 Years of ATP

Introducing the wines that have graced the doorsteps of members for 40 years.

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2013 Lytton Estate Syrah Grenache

2014 Kite Hill Zinfandel

2015 Dusi Ranch Zinfandel

1975 Monte Bello

1975 York Creek Cabernet Sauvignon

1976 Lytton Springs Late Bottled

1976 York Creek Petite Sirah

1976 Fiddletown Zinfandel

1976 Geyserville

1976 York Creek Zinfandel

1977 Morgan Hill Barbera

1977 Monte Bello

1977 Langtry Road Zinfandel

1977 Monte Bello Zinfandel

1977 York Creek Petite Sirah

1977 Fiddletown Zinfandel

1977 Geyserville

1977 York Creek Zinfandel

1978 Monte Bello Ruby Cabernet

1978 York Creek Petite Sirah