Ridge Vineyards Joins International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA)

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We are proud to announce that Ridge Vineyards is joining International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA), an association of wineries dedicated to decarbonizing the global wine industry. As an applicant member, we continue our long-standing belief that we are good shepherds of the land, which has included regenerative agricultural practices, organic farming, and sustainability. Our membership is a commitment to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2050.

Ridge Vineyards joins International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA) as an applicant member.

What is IWCA?

IWCA is a working group with a mission to take collective action to decarbonize the global wine industry, underscored with goals for member wineries to achieve a 50 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 and become Climate Positive by 2050. IWCA is open to wineries who recognize that climate change is the most significant threat to the wine community and are guided by the urgency for strategic action to accelerate innovative solutions. In 2019, IWCA received the Wine Enthusiast Visionary Star Award for its leadership in galvanizing collaborative climate action across the wine industry. Learn more at iwcawine.org.

“Climate change is real. Ridge, like virtually every winery in California, has suffered through the impact of extended drought and wildfires. In collaboration with our partners at IWCA, we look forward to providing leadership and innovation in the critical process of decarbonizing the wine industry.”

– David Amadia, President
Lytton Springs Sustainable Winery
Ridge constructed its Lytton Springs winery in 2008 with the ambitious goal of creating a winery that would utilize as many environmentally friendly techniques as possible. On the south-facing roof, almost 400 photovoltaic panels supply 75% of the Lytton Springs winery’s electricity needs over the course of a year.
Monte Bello Vineyard
Ridge is the largest grower of organically certified grapes in Sonoma County and in the Santa Cruz Mountains appellation. In addition, all of our vineyards in Sonoma County and Santa Cruz Mountains are Certified Sustainable by Fish Friendly Farming.

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