Ridge – “The Most American Wine?”


March 26, 2019

Writing for jancisrobinson.com, American wine reviewer Elaine Chukan Brown publishes a detailed profile of Ridge, including our history and winemaking philosophy, the singularity of our estate vineyards, and our place among American wine producers.

In California wine circles we sometimes entertain ourselves with questions such as, what would you argue is the most American wine? Or, which wine do you think most successfully placed California wine on the world stage? Or, what do you think is the most respected winery in the United States? Inevitably, one winery – Ridge – is an answer, if not the answer, to each of these questions.

Ridge Monte Bello is considered by many to be among the best wines in the world, and certainly among the most, if not the most, famous, from California. Through its Monte Bello Cabernet-based bottling, Ridge helped show that California wine could compete with the most respected wines in the world (click on the Judgment of Paris tag). At the same time, no other winery in California has done so much to elevate Zinfandel from its early reputation as jug wine to fine-wine respectability.

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