NYTimes Highlights Pagani Ranch Zinfandel

The New York Times

October 2023

The New York Times Wine Critic, Eric Asimov, recently named Ridge’s 2020 Pagani Ranch Zinfandel in his list of “10 Zinfandels and Blends to Drink Right Now”. Mr. Asimov noted Ridge’s standing as a longtime zinfandel advocate. He continues by describing the evolving style of zinfandel:

Nowadays, many producers have pulled back on the ripeness throttle, making wines aimed at some degree of finesse rather than steroidal brawn. As with most types of California wine, the selection today is far more diverse, with wines of every style available.

2020 Pagani Ranch Zinfandel

“…brisk and racy with peppery, savory fruit and enough of a tannic structure to warrant aging, though you can enjoy it right now. It’s 90 percent zinfandel, 6 percent petite sirah and 4 percent Alicante bouschet, all from Pagani Ranch, where many of the vines are more than 100 years old.”

This wine is now sold out. Join our Z List wine club to secure future vintages of this expressive and structured zinfandel or enjoy the current release of 2021 Pagani Ranch Zinfandel.

2021 Pagani Ranch Zinfandel:

Ridge 2021 Pagani Ranch Zinfandel

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