Meet the Team: Laura Mills

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Part-time Tasting Associate Laura Mills began working at Ridge in August of 2019, but her connection with Ridge started long before that. Laura and her husband, both avid wine collectors, moved to Sonoma County after retiring, giving Laura a chance to join the winery that left a lasting impression in her life.

Laura Mills, Ridge Vineyards.

1. Why Did You Join Ridge?

“Ridge has been part of my life since I started drinking wine! My father, a physician and Stanford grad, turned me on to Ridge wine early in my wine-drinking experience. Also, back in the ’80s, I worked at a pharmaceutical company in Palo Alto and our founder, Alejandro Zaffaroni, was a Ridge investor at some point, and I was in charge of employee parties for the company and we always served Ridge wine. Then my husband joined the Collector wine club in 2004 and that just heightened my interest in Ridge. When my husband and I retired and moved from the Bay Area up to Sonoma County, I wanted to work part-time in the wine industry and Ridge seemed like a perfect fit for me. I am so glad they hired me!”

2. How Do You Feel Ridge Differs from Other Wineries?

“Its rich history, organic farming practices, and ability to consistently make exceptional, award-winning wines. The people and culture at Ridge also make it a special place. “

3. What Do You Like About Working at Ridge?

“I love that I have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world at Ridge. I can’t think of a specific memory but with every group I host, I find something interesting and unique about them and also learn a lot from them.”

4. What are Your Favorite Ridge Wines?

“That is a difficult question because I like so many. Some of my favorites are the Lytton Estate Syrah, Ponzo Zinfandel, Lytton Springs field blend, Chardonnay, Estate Cabernet, and of course, the Monte Bello, which we have been collecting for more than 15 years.”

5. What Recommendation Would You Make to Our Guests?

“I really think the tours at Lytton Springs are a great experience (informative, educational, and fun) and they are priced so reasonably. I also often talk about the parties and events at Monte Bello and Lytton Springs, especially the vertical tastings.”

6. What’s Your Favorite Food and Wine Pairing?

“On top of mind right now for me because it is summer and hot, is my favorite summer salad (cherry, peach, burrata, basil panzanella salad) paired with the Adelaide white Rhone blend or the Estate Chardonnay.”

7. If You Could Go Wine Tasting Anywhere in the World, Where Would You Go and Why?

“My husband and I have traveled to a lot of the wine regions in Europe (Spain’s Priorat and Penedes regions, France’s Bordeaux and Burgundy regions and Tuscany and Umbria in Italy) but haven’t experienced other big wine regions. Top of our list now is Chile. I have a friend that is from Chile and has talked to us a lot about how wonderful it is. We have also been looking at Backroad’s (an adventure travel company we use) bike trips in Chile and they look amazing. So hopefully we can get there in the next year or so and taste the great wines, especially the Malbecs!”


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