Meet the Team: Emiliano and Antonio

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Emiliano Escamilla and Antonio Herrera are two brothers who work for Four Seasons Vineyard Management. While they are not technically Ridge employees, these brothers became part of the Ridge Family thanks to their combined decades of working harvest at Ridge Vineyards. They strive to make sure the quality of farming at Ridge is shown in the wines produced.

Emiliano and Antonio from Four Seasons.

Emiliano Escamilla (left):

Emiliano has been the Foreman with Four Seasons Vineyard Management since 1996 and has been farming for Ridge ever since. His well-rounded skill set is utilized throughout the year to farm almost 1000 acres in Sonoma County, including Ridge properties. He’s a very big soccer fan and enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He’s also “very proud of his son Oscar who grew up at Lytton Springs and now works in the winery.”

Antonio Herrera (right):

Antonio is a crew supervisor and has been working with Four Seasons Vineyard Management since 2000. Antonio spends most of his time working on Ridge Vineyards properties. He makes sure that the “highest quality of work is achieved in the vineyards.” Antonio also makes great food and enjoys fishing and camping.


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