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Cecilia Aguilar, our Direct-to-Consumer Operations Manager, has been a part of the Ridge team since 2003. Her father originally joined the team over 25 years ago, so she grew up around the Ridge community before becoming an employee. Cecilia has since managed Direct-to-Consumer operations after initially helping out in several departments and more family members, including her husband, have also joined the team. Read more in the Q&A below:

1. Where did you first learn about Ridge?

“I first learned about Ridge from my dad. My father worked as part of the Vineyard team for almost 25 years and actually just retired last year. I grew up on the Klein Ranch up until I got married when I was 25.

Cecilia as a young girl.

“I first joined Ridge in the summer of 2003. When I joined the team I only worked part-time as I was still going to school. I initially worked in various departments for the first three years: wholesale, finance, retail, and winemaking, pretty much anywhere I was needed. At one point I was even Paul Draper’s assistant – an experience I will never forget. Then in 2006 I was offered a full time position in the Direct-to-Consumer department after I graduated from San Jose State and I have been here since.

“Back then, I think what stood out the most was how devoted and hardworking all the employees were. They all seemed to have been at the company for many years, knew so much, but that said they still made you feel welcome. Second, I was amazed at how much history there was behind Ridge.”

2. How has Ridge changed over the years, if at all?

“Well without a doubt the business in general has grown, which means there are now more Ridge team members…but that naturally occurs with business growth. With that we have more sites, but we do our best to continue working together as one team even though we are at different locations. I think recently in the last five years or so, Ridge has finally stepped outside of its boundaries and tried new things.

“In the past there were many items that we continued doing the same way as that is how things had always been done – from the most minor of processes to the most complex. It’s exciting to see all the positive results from these new endeavors. Lastly, one item that hasn’t changed is that Ridge still continues committed to what it does best, which is pre-industrial winemaking.”

3. How does it feel to work in the same organization as members of your family?

“Both my husband and my uncle work for Ridge as well. My husband has been with Ridge for eight years as a mechanic and works on much of the vineyard equipment along with various other maintenance tasks. It’s nice to have my husband work for the same organization as me. Ridge is such a wonderful place to work at! Although in all honesty, sometimes it doesn’t feel that we both work for the same company as we never see each other and our jobs are in completely different departments.

“My uncle has been with Ridge for I think around 35 years now and he is the Monte Bello vineyard foreman. Again, it’s wonderful to see him when I do and I am so proud that he has been a part of Ridge for so long!”

Cecilia and her family.

4. What do day-to-day operations in your role look like?

“I think I like my role so much because it’s different every single day. In general I am responsible for all the daily operations and management of the Customer Service Department. I essentially oversee staffing, and customer service activities like all of the inbound phone calls to the main line and emails to the general email address, all online orders, as well as all of the wine club administration. It’s a lot to cover, but I am lucky to have such a wonderful team to work with.”

5. In a time where many people move jobs after a few years, what about Ridge keeps you here?

“Growing up in the vineyards for so many years and recalling seeing my dad come home after a long day just hits home. Also, Ridge has always been so accommodating and available to help when necessary. I really appreciate that. Ridge has allowed me to have a balance of work and personal life and it becomes even more important with my six and nine-year-old daughters. Last but not least, the wine itself, not to be biased, but there is nothing better than Ridge wine!”

Cecilia Employee portrait.

6. If you had to summarize your experience here in a few words, how would you describe it?

“Rewarding, Unforgettable, and Passion.”


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