Investing in California Cabs: Monte Bello on the Rise


May 2021

Decanter magazine recently highlighted a trend in the investment market of California cabernet. “California is at a fascinating stage of its development on the international fine wine market and is a region to watch closely, merchants and analysts believe.” The article goes on to discuss the 15-year run in which California auction values have risen substantially. Matthew O’Connell, the head of investment at Bordeaux Index highlighted the success of Ridge Monte Bello.

Ridge 2013 Monte Bello

In terms of price movement, ‘Ridge has been the standout in the last few years, says O’Connell.

Using the merchant’s data from ‘executed transactions’ to create an index starting at 100 in the first half of 2018, Ridge Monte Bello 2013 has risen in value by 71% in the past three years. Harlan 2013 has risen slightly, and Screaming Eagle 2013 has dipped.

At Liv-ex, Ridge Monte Bello has also outperformed its peers on the California 50 index, which has flattened overall in the last two years. The trend reflects how Ridge has previously been undervalued, despite its strong international reputation, says Liv-ex co-founder Justin Gibbs.

It’s clear that California cabernet remains an emerging force on the fine wine market, with Ridge Monte Bello leading the charge as a great long-term investment.

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