From Mexico to the Mountain: the Families of Monte Bello

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We took the opportunity recently to document the stories of some of Ridge’s longest tenured staff, many of whom grew up at Monte Bello and raised their families here. This film is dedicated to the families that have worked at Ridge over the past four decades. Their skill, hard work, and professionalism have helped Ridge Vineyards achieve its place as one of the world’s top fine wine producers.

Rafael Dorado, Monte Bello Vineyard Foreman, has worked at Ridge for over 40 years and stresses the importance of a healthy work-life balance.

Cecilia Aguilar, Senior Manager of DTC Operations, remembers attending the harvest party since she was only one year old and hopes to offer her daughters the same opportunities she had growing up on the Monte Bello ridge.

Mauro Maldonado, Viticulturist at Lytton Springs, and his father, Roberto Maldonado, share their story of moving their family from Changuitiro, Mexico, to California, where Roberto started as a vineyard steward in 2003.

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