Organic & Sustainable Winegrowing Overview

At Ridge, we are committed to sustainability and farming our vineyards organically. We are the largest grower of organically certified grapes in Sonoma County and in the Santa Cruz Mountains appellation.

Sustainable and Organic – Why Both Matter to Us

Sustainability is both a philosophy and a set of environmentally responsible practices designed to safeguard the land on which we grow our grapes. It seeks to conserve and renew natural resources, protect wildlife habitats, and ensure the safety and economic security of our employees.

Organic farming builds on sustainability by eschewing the use of synthetic chemicals in the vineyard. Instead, we use natural methods for maintaining soil health, controlling vine pests and diseases, and combating weeds and mildew. Ultimately, we feel that responsible farming is not only important for protecting our environment, but results in healthier soil and better quality fruit.

The Pre-Industrial Approach to Farming & Winemaking

In 2008, we began the transition to farming our vineyards organically, which brought our viticultural practices in line with our traditional winemaking approach, which employs only the non-invasive treatments used in fine winemaking prior to the 1940s.

Where We Stand Today

Organically Farmed Vineyard Blocks at Perrone Ranch on our Monte Bello Estate

As of harvest 2021, a total of 379 acres of vines at our Monte Bello, Lytton Springs, Geyserville, and East Bench vineyards are certified organic. All of the vineyards that we farm are certified by the Fish Friendly Farming Environmental Certification Program, which acknowledges agricultural properties working to restore fish and wildlife habitats and improve water quality. As a result, the Sonoma County Winegrowers have recognized our Sonoma County vineyards as Certified Sustainable.

What We’re Working On

We are in the process of transitioning to organic farming for all remaining parcels of our Estate Vineyards. Lytton Springs and Geyserville are now 100% certified organic, and Monte Bello will also be 100% certified organic by harvest 2022.