2013 Monte Bello in Food & Wine’s Top Ten Wines of 2016

Food & Wine Magazine

We are pleased that Food & Wine Magazine has included our 2013 Monte Bello in its annual list of the Top 10 Wines of the Year 2016.

“This is why you age wine: As an impoverished but wine-loving grad student in California I hoarded my spare change long enough to invest in a bottle of 1995 Monte Bello, a wine I knew to be significant, from a vineyard close to where I lived at the time (I actually hoarded enough change to buy the Ridge and a new mattress; that’s a lot of quarters). But I didn’t drink the wine. Instead I hauled it across the country, parked it in a cool storage space in New York City, bided my time, and finally opened it with friends this year. It was fantastic. In perfect condition, its pure California fruit mellowed to an interplay of dried black currants, forest floor and earth notes, the flavors long and lingering; plus each sip was informed by the memory of when I’d bought it and the years between. In terms of return on investment, impossible to beat. So, now there’s Ridge’s recently released 2013: a great vintage of a great wine, perfectly poised, humming with energy. Sure, it’s delicious now: But wouldn’t you rather have it tell a story, too?”

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