1967 Monte Bello Chardonnay

1967 Monte Bello Chardonnay

Wine Information

100% Chardonnay




Monte Bello


Santa Cruz Mountains

Alcohol By Volume


Vintage Notes

Chardonnay 1967. Specifics on this bottling: A portion of the sixth vintage from our Monte Bello Chardonnay Vineyard. Though our first 1967 picking, this wine is richer and a bit less tart than our earlier vintages, except possibly for 1966. It should be a long-lived wine, with much bottle development ahead. (Starting in 1967 we have also produced Chardonnay from our Vine Hill Vineyard, but none is included in the present wine.)


Ridge wine is made with an emphasis on quality and naturalness that is rarely attempted. Our grapes are grown in unirrigated vineyards to maximal maturity, often at a cost of some loss of crop. We let our wine settle and age in small barrels, with only rare use of cellar treatment other than racking. Varieties are not blended unless so indicated on the label. Near Black Mountain on Monte Bello Ridge, the Ridge Vineyards site is 10 miles south of Palo Alto, 15 miles inland from the ocean, and over 2,000 feet in elevation.

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