Ridge Partnerships

New Partnerships = New Member Benefits

We have teamed up with SOMM TV and AutoCamp to bring our Wine Club Members exclusive new benefits. Membership now has its benefits above and beyond RIDGE wine.


The best food and wine stories, all in one place

Ridge Wine Club Members enjoy twelve months of the best food and wine stories on SOMM TV for just $20. *Trio Members get a full-year subscription for free. Stream content featuring wine producers, sommeliers, and chefs from around the world, including RIDGE content only available on SOMM TV!

2. AutoCamp

An outdoor experience in modern airstreams

Ridge Club Members enjoy their member discount on bookings at all AutoCamp locations across the United States. Contact us directly for the club member promo code to use when booking.

*If you are an active Trio member interested in a free subscription to SOMM TV, contact us directly for information on how to enroll.


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