Lytton Springs Century Tour & Library Tasting

Beginning with a colorful captain in the 1870s and evolving into a straw bale winery and historic vineyard, Lytton Springs tells a story of land development, boom and bust, chance encounters, and the rebirth of the wine industry, all reflected in the old vines still standing today.

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This unique, private experience allows you and your guests the rare opportunity to explore this century-old estate (weather permitting) and learn, first-hand, about one of the most historic vineyards in all of California. You’ll learn about true old-vines, organic and sustainable farming, and how a traditional “field blend” impacts the final wine. Following the tour, you will taste, in the comfort of our private tasting room, multiple back vintages from our library and their current vintage counterparts. The tasting is complemented with a selection of artisan cheeses.

  • Cost: $45 / person (4 person, or fee equivalent, minimum)
  • Add an older vintage of Monte Bello to the tasting: additional $25 / person
  • Limited to groups of 10 adults
  • Offered daily at 11am & 2pm