Mancini Ranch

A Truly Distinctive Vineyard

Situated in the Russian River Valley among pinot noir and chardonnay vineyards, Mancini is home to a host of interesting grape varieties such as cinsault, peloursin, carignane, and zinfandel. Its history is just as unique; the first vines on the ranch were planted in the midst of Prohibition. The old vines at this historic site are recognized by the Historic Vineyard Society.

The Vines

16 acres of dry-farmed field blended vines, planted by Luca Mancini between 1922 and 1924, with new plantings added in 2018. The vineyard is made up primarily of zinfandel vines, inter-planted with several mixed black and mixed white grape varieties. Some of the grape varieties found in the oldest blocks include valdiguié, peloursin, cinsault, trousseau noir, and palomino. The property is also home to walnut, apple, pear, plum, and oak trees.

Climate and Terroir

The zinfandel grapes at Mancini Ranch are some of the last in the county to be harvested each vintage because of the vineyard’s cool climate in the Russian River Valley. The foggy mornings and cooler temperatures allow for long, slow ripening, maintaining excellent acidity in the fruit.


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