The Guadagni family has been farming in the Dry Creek Valley since the late 1800’s when great-grandfather Raffaelo Guadagni settled in the upper part of Dry Creek Valley. Raffaelo’s son Fred moved onto the current property with his family in 1941. At a very young age Fred’s two sons, Don and Joe Guadagni, worked many hours at his side, as he taught them the skills necessary to produce the grapes that make the wines of Dry Creek Valley so desirable. The love of the land has been passed down for generations with the fourth generation, Bill Guadagni, joining Father Don Guadagni and Uncle Joe Guadagni in farming as well.


Northern Edge of Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County

Grape Varieties

Zinfandel – 7 acres, planted in the 1950s
Petite Sirah – 4 acres, planted in 2008


Yolo series, sandy loam

Training & Yields

Training – Head-trained, goblet (no trellis)
Yields – 2-3 tons per acre


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