Originally a part of the Rancho Sotoyome land grant, these hundred acres were purchased in the mid-1800s by Archibald Carmichael. Ridge began farming the western half in 2000, and the Carmichael bottling comes from the blocks just below the abandoned right of way of the old Northwestern Pacific railroad.


Western Alexander Valley, immediately adjacent to our Geyserville vineyard.

Grape Varieties

7.2 acres of zinfandel planted in 1900, 3.5 acres of zinfandel planted in 1984, 4.7 acres of zinfandel planted in 1987, and 2.7 acres of petite sirah planted in 2003.


Loamy clay

Training & Yields

Head trained (no trellis), spur pruned. 1 to 2.5 tons per acre.


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