Paul Draper’s Retirement & Succession Plan

A Brief Autobiography of Paul Draper

Many of you know my background, but I decided to say something about a “calling” to a craft. The fates, whatever, first let me know at age sixteen what my calling was to be.

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Press Release: Paul Draper to Retire

80 years – It seems a most celebratory age to step back. We have two of the finest winemakers and one of the most exceptional vineyard directors, who have each been with me for more than twenty years.

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Press Release: Succession Plan Announced

Ridge Vineyards announces succession plan effective July 1, 2016, that has been carefully thought through in consultation with Paul Draper to ensure the continued long-term success of the company.

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Paul Draper - Chairman of the Board

Paul Draper is known for the fine cabernets and chardonnays of the Monte Bello estate vineyards, and as a pioneer in the production of long-lived, complex zinfandels.

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Mark Vernon - CEO

Mark Vernon is Chief Executive Officer at Ridge Vineyards.

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John Olney - Head Winemaker & COO

John Olney is Head Winemaker and COO of Ridge Vineyards

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David Amadia - President

David Amadia is President at Ridge Vineyards.

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David Gates - Senior VP of Vineyard Operations

David Gates is Senior Vice President of Vineyard Operations at Ridge Vineyards.

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Ryan Moore - VP of Consumer Sales

Ryan Moore is Vice President of Consumer Sales at Ridge Vineyards.

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Michael Torino - VP of US Wholesale Sales

Michael Torino is Vice President of US Wholesale Sales at Ridge Vineyards.

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