Dr. Osea Perrone of San Francisco buys 180 acres on Monte Bello Ridge, plants vines, builds a stone winery.


Perrone produces the first Monte Bello.


On Monte Bello Ridge, Dr. William Short, owner of the Torre vineyard adjacent to the Perrone property, replants several blocks of cabernet and for the first time a block of chardonnay.


Three scientists from Stanford University's Research Institute (SRI) and their families form a partnership and buy Dr. Short's property on Monte Bello Ridge. One of them, David Bennion, makes a half barrel of cabernet from the ten year old vines.


The partners re-bond the winery and name it Ridge Vineyards. That year they produce their first Monte Bello.


Ridge produces its first zinfandel from 19th century vines on the Pichetti Ranch near the base of the Monte Bello Ridge.


Ridge produces the first Geyserville, from vines planted in 1882 in Sonoma County.


Paul Draper joins the partnership as winemaker.


Ridge produces the first Lytton Springs from vines planted in 1901.


First international shipment to Averys Wine Merchant in Bristol, England.


Judgement of Paris: Steven Spurrier organizes a tasting of California cabernets and chardonnays and top French wines. To everyone's surprise, California beat the French in both the red and white flights. The 1971 Monte Bello comes in 5th.


Ridge launches the Advance Tasting Program, ATP, America's first wine club.


David Gates joins Ridge as Vineyard Manager. In 2001 he becomes Vice President of Vineyard Operations, and in 2016 he becomes Senior Vice President of Vineyard Operations.


Ridge buys the Lytton Springs winery and its old vineyards.


John Olney joins Ridge as Cellar Worker at Monte Bello. In 1999 he becomes Assistant Winemaker/General Manager. In 2001 he becomes Vice President of Winemaking at Lytton Springs and in 2016 he also attains the title of COO. In 2021, he is named Head Winemaker & COO, overseeing winemaking operations at both Monte Bello and Lytton Springs.


Mark Vernon joins Ridge as General Manager. In 2001 he becomes COO and in 2016 he becomes CEO.


30 year repeat of the Judgement of Paris. The 1971 and 2000 Monte Bello cabernets win first place in both the original vintage wine and new vintage wine categories in London and California.


Ridge celebrates its 50 year anniversary.


At Monte Bello, 42 plantable acres available through an exchange agreement with Mid-Penninsula Regional Open Space District.


Paul Draper retires at age 80, after 47 years as winemaker. Ridge purchases Whitton Ranch, a 36-acre parcel which is the heart of the Geyserville wine.


John Olney named Head Winemaker & COO, overseeing winemaking operations at both Monte Bello and Lytton Springs.


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