“Zinfandel, of thee I sing” – Showcasing the Caliber and Diversity of America’s Heritage Grape

It's a Winederful Life

July 4, 2019

In honor of Independence Day, wine writer Tracy Ellen Kamens published “Zinfandel, of Thee I Sing,” a discussion of the history, quality and versatility of America’s heritage grape by a panel of zinfandel producers from across California.

Ridge President David Amadia was in attendance sharing insights into the distinctive qualities of our Geyserville and Lytton Springs wines and the key to producing high quality zinfandel – finding those unique vineyards where zinfandel thrives.

“Hailing from two, old vineyards only two miles apart, Ridge’s contribution to the tasting offered up fuller-bodied wines, with darker fruit. These pre-prohibition vineyards (Geyserville from 1885 and Lytton Springs from 1901 and 1910) displayed two distinct wines; the former was more herbaceous with notes of cherry, while the latter showed spice, earth and blackberry. Amadia attributes their unique characteristics to the different soil types within each vineyard. Additionally, these vineyards also include Petit Sirah, Carignan and up to 18 other varieties planted alongside the Zinfandel vines, which he believes is the key to the quality of these resulting, magical wines.”

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Lytton Springs


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