Zinfandel Deserves More Respect

The Alcohol Professor

July, 2019

The Alcohol Professor‘s recent blog post discusses zinfandel’s evolution from the bold and jammy high-alcohol trend to a more balanced style showcasing freshness, finesse, and balance:

“It’s highly unusual to meet a grape that can hold your hand through scorching summers, cold winters and everything in between. Zinfandel, often dismissed as a jammy tasting, dark-fruited wine reminiscent of blueberry pie, is capable of showing off a bright versatility. There are expressions that are fresh, red-fruited (some are as light as pinot noir) and ready to please for all four seasons and all age ranges.”

Editor in Chief Amanda Schuster reminisces about her first experience with Ridge wines and remarks on how well our zinfandels have aged over many years in the cellar:

“My parents have always collected wine and a close family friend was one of the first investors in Ridge Vineyards. My folks always gave me a little taste of wine with a meal, and I literally grew up drinking Ridge, which I wholeheartedly realize is unusual and lucky…we’ve been opening up some Ridge bottles from the late ‘70s and they’ve held up even better than some of the serious Bordeaux in the collection! Still tons of fruit and vigor. It was so pleasant to recently taste Ridge’s Lytton Springs 2016 blend and experience how that wine has evolved over time from this old vine vineyard, incorporating small percentages of petite syrah, carignan and mataro (mourvedre) to contribute a Rhône-like depth of flavor.”

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2016 Lytton Springs


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