What Red Wine Offers the Best Bang for Your Buck?


March 2024

Online drinks publication, Vinepair, recently asked 20 international sommeliers for the “splurges they deem worthy and the under-the-radar deals” among red wines. Among the selections, Colin Hofer, general manager of Adorn Bar & Restaurant in Chicago chose Ridge Zinfandel as his bang for your buck selection:

“If you are talking about bang for your buck being equated with tannin, fruit, and alcohol levels, I believe California Zinfandel is definitely a contender. I specifically like Ridge Zinfandel.”

Ridge Lytton Springs Vineyard

Our love of zinfandel runs deep. Ridge Vineyards produced its first zinfandel in 1964, from a small nineteenth-century vineyard down the ridge from the Monte Bello winery. This was followed in 1966 by the first Geyserville zinfandel. In 1972, we produced the first vintage of our Lytton Springs zinfandel, and in 1991 the Sonoma County winery became part of the RIDGE estate. We continue to champion single-vineyard winemaking, searching California for those rare vineyards where climate, soil, and varietal are ideally matched.

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