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Whether you’re unable to physically visit your local winery or tasting room, you’re getting ready to video chat with friends, or you’re preparing for upcoming virtual tastings, we want to do our best to bring the vineyard experience to your home. Luckily, virtual tastings and wine webinars are more accessible than ever, along with a host of options to interact with during these virtual experiences. And a great way to enhance your video chat experience is with custom background photos.

That’s why we’ve created a selection of downloadable Ridge Vineyard backgrounds. By right-clicking and saving one of the images below, you can then upload the photo as your background image in your video chat and virtually transport yourself to one our vineyards.

1. Geyserville Sunset Background

Whitton Ranch as a Ridge Vineyards Zoom Background.

2. Monte Bello Vineyard Background

Monte Bello Vineyard as a Ridge Vineyards Zoom Background.

3. Lytton Springs Flowers Background

Lytton Springs Flowers as a Ridge Vineyards Zoom Background.

4. Lytton Springs East Background

Lytton Springs East as a Ridge Vineyards Zoom Background.

5. Klein Vineyard Background

Klein Vineyard at Ridge.

6. Ridge Grapes Background

Ridge Grapes as a Ridge Vineyards Zoom Background.

7. Geyserville Row Background

Geyserville vineyard row in Alexander Valley.

8. Monte Bello View Background

Monte Bello vineyard view.
Photo by Robert Holmes.

9. Crushing Grapes Background

crushing grapes image with logo

10. Lytton Springs Patio Background

Lytton Springs tasting patio

11. Pagani Ranch Background

Pagani Ranch old vines

How to Add a Background Photo in Video Chat

Not sure how to add the background photos shown above to your video call? We’ve broken down the process in the steps below:

Requirements for Virtual Background:

The images above are set to the common optimal video chat background image size: 1920px by 1080px. Note that background photos for most platforms also need to be under 5MB in size, using one of the following file formats: JPG/JPEG, 24-bit PNG, or GIF.

If you are still having issues uploading a background photo, note that you likely need to check the settings of your video chat platform (Zoom, Google Hangout, etc.). Sometimes group video backgrounds need to be enabled by the administrator of the meeting room, and other times the platform or application needs to be updated on your device.

Step 1:

Right-click on one of the images above and “save as” to a destination folder on your computer. Make sure this is somewhere you’ll be able to easily find later. If you’re using your phone, you can save your desired background image above, simply click on the image and “Save to Photos.”

Step 2:

Ensure that you are using a solid background color to help your background photo display correctly. Green screens are ideal, but a plain colored wall will also work.

Step 3:

Upload your chosen virtual background through the provided settings of your chosen video platform. Follow the app or platform’s instructions on how to upload your own image. Note that for some platforms, such as Zoom, you will need to uncheck the option for “mirror screen” for the Ridge background photo to display correctly.

Step 4:

Enjoy your video chat and virtual experience at Ridge Vineyards!

Final Notes on Backgrounds:

Are you sharing a screenshot of your Zoom call on social while using the Ridge backgrounds? If so, make sure to tag us @RidgeWine in the comments!


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