The Tennessean and Rob Stein’s Love Affair with Zinfandel


Rob Stein of the Tennessean and USA Today Network writes about his love for zinfandel and goes on to recommend our Lytton Springs as one of five zins to try. Here’s a brief excerpt from the article:

For many years I have carried out a love affair with the full knowledge of my wife. I have been smitten by the zinfandel grape…While simple, straightforward and very pleasant zinfandels still dominate the marketplace at reasonable prices, a raft of higher priced but complex and thoroughly memorable wines are there to be enjoyed.

It also means that we have to reconsider where in our personal universe of grapes zinfandel might exist. At the upper level, that means we should reorder our thinking and consider our higher-end zinfandels (like the Ridge, Martinelli, Turley or Biale) as alternatives to good quality Chateauneuf du Pape, grenache and Rhone varietals…The Ridge is legendary in quality and consistency through the years and is a tribute to meticulous blending…”

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