Sunset Magazine Spotlights Zinfandel, Picks East Bench

In the August issue of Sunset Magazine, Wine Editor Sara Schneider presents a wonderful 8 page article spotlighting California zinfandel and picking our 2012 East Bench zinfandel as one of her favorites zins.

It’s hard to believe today, but labeling bottles by grape variety wasn’t a widespread practice in California until the late 1960’s and 70’s. About that time, a valiant few winemakers – most notably Paul Draper of Ridge Vineyards – saw the potential of the gnarled old zinfandel vines, which had survived prohibition and hearty burgundy, to produce gorgeous, dark-fruited, spicy wines. And Draper, as thoughtful a vintner as I’ve ever met, isn’t likely to tilt at windmills in the cause of a hopeless grape.

Buy Right: Sara’s Favorite Zins


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