Shauna Rosenblum Looks Back on her Life in Wine

The Press Democrat

January 2023

We are pleased to see that Shauna Rosenblum, Winemaker at Lytton Springs, was recently highlighted as the featured “Profile in Wine” from The Press Democrat. In this article, Shauna looks back at her early role in the wine industry.

Shauna Rosenblum, Lytton Springs Winemaker (Photo: Beth Schlanker/The Press Democrat)

From helping in the tasting room at 6 years old to bottling at 12 and sitting in with the blending team at 16, Shauna was primed to make wine. Shauna joined Ridge in July 2022 as Winemaker at Lytton Springs, the first woman to hold the position in our 60-year history. However, her career path was not that straightforward. Read the full article to learn how Shauna came to realize that winemaking and her passion for art were more similar than they seemed.

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