Santa Cruz Mountains – Ridge lists ingredients

Jancis Robinson

On 20 May 2015, Jancis Robinson MW posted an article on her website about Santa Cruz Mountains and Ridge, focusing on the winery’s ingredient labeling.

“Ridge labels have always been a model of information, a wine geek’s delight printed in their own distinctive typeface. But from the 2011 vintage (2012 for exports to the EU; they presumably had to spend months jumping through hoops in Brussels), every single ingredient in every one of Ridge’s wines (and their range encompasses very much more than Monte Bello) will be noted for all to see. This is so typical of the Ridge – nothing to hide – approach. Of course, if you don’t believe in adding industrial-style processing aids, you can afford this approach. The great majority of wine consumers would ignore these lists, I’m sure, but I for one would love to see wine producers compelled to spell everything out so that we could more easily identify the good guys.”

She also reviews a number of our wines including:

  • Ridge 2014 Monte Bello (18 pts., to be released in 2017)
  • Ridge 2013 Monte Bello (18 pts., to be released in 2016)
  • Ridge 2012 Monte Bello (18++ pts.)
  • Ridge 2002 Monte Bello (18.5 pts.)


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