Ridge Ranked among 20 Best Wine Brands

Tasting Table

June 2022

We are pleased to see that Tasting Table recently included Ridge Vineyards among the 20 Best Wine Brands. Author Duke Harten introduced the list with the notion of finding brands that are well-rounded:

“What follows is a list of can’t-miss wine brands that are top-tier choices for anybody serious about what goes in the glass. The people and location responsible for producing wine are as important as what it ultimately tastes like.”

Exceptional Single-Vineyard Wines Since 1962

“Ridge is everything that a brand making traditionally-styled California wine should aspire to be. A wine that displays power with elegance, structure with finesse. And, according to its website, that is certified organic as of 2022. Plenty of California producers are skewing new school these days, producing fun and funky natural wines with cult followings and flashy branding. Ridge isn’t that, and it doesn’t try to be. It’s a traditionalist outfit that embraces natural winemaking philosophy without sacrificing its old-school sensibilities.

“Ridge’s focus is on cabernet sauvignon, zinfandel, and chardonnay, with a healthy dose of Rhône varieties like viognier, grenache, and roussanne, rounding out its portfolio. But cabernet is what made it famous, and is what continues to set Ridge apart from the competition. You can throw a stone in Northern California and hit a winery producing over-extracted, in-your-face, unbalanced reds. But that winery won’t be Ridge. Instead, expect gorgeous expressions of the grape that get your blood flowing without bowling you over. If Bordeaux asked a question, Ridge is California’s answer.”
-Duke Harten, June 2022


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