Ridge Ingredient Labeling Featured by Jancis Robinson

Jancis Robinson

January 2021

In her recent article, “Real progress on ingredient listing for wine,” wine writer Jancis Robinson examines the current global conversation on wine ingredient labeling and names Ridge as one of seven wineries world-wide to include a list of ingredients on every wine they produce. The article was published both on her own website and The Financial Times.

Close up of wine label.

The article focused on new labeling legislation and the trend of more wineries beginning to list their actions, ingredients, and other information on their labels as pressure for transparency in the wine world grows. Robinson wrote:

“It has long seemed strange that, while labels tell us every little detail of what goes into processed food, we are told nothing about what goes into wine.”

As part of a section of the article on wineries “who do spell out what’s in their wine,” Ridge Vineyards was named. Ridge was one of seven wineries listed, which included brands from around the world.


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