Ridge Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Among World’s Most Wanted Cabernets


May 2021

Editor Don Kavanagh emphasizes the importance of consistency when reporting this year’s most searched for wines as The World’s Most Wanted Cabernets. Ridge’s Estate Cabernet Sauvignon breaks into the top 10 this year, joining only two other newcomers. The list includes an array of wines that showcase the popularity of cabernet with today’s consumers.

In 1886 the first blocks of the Monte Bello vineyard were planted and construction on the winery begun. The first vintage was the 1892. In the early 1940s, the last of the old vineyard was abandoned; in the late forties, a few blocks were replanted. Those cabernet vines—now over sixty-five years old—produced the first Ridge Monte Bello (1962) and subsequent vintages until 1974. By then other abandoned blocks had been replanted and their fruit considered for use in the Monte Bello. A number of those consistently produced a more accessible wine that developed its full complexity earlier and these were combined as the “Santa Cruz Mountains.” With the 2008 vintage, the name of this stylistically distinct wine became the Ridge Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, stressing the principal varietal and the Monte Bello estate vineyard as its source.

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