Geyserville: One of the World’s Great Zinfandels (Men’s Journal)

Reviewing for Men’s Journal magazine (6 June 2014), Michael Steinberger calls the 2012 Geyserville one of the great wines of the world. Excerpt of review:

“The problem with iconic wines – wines that are widely recognized as among the best of the best, the finest examples of their particular grapes, regions, or styles – is that most of them are insanely expensive… But there is at least one such wine that remains very affordable: Ridge Geyserville.

It has been said that the Geyserville has the nuance and depth of a top-flight Bordeaux, and we think there’s something to the analogy. However one chooses to describe it, the Geyserville is truly one of the world’s great wines, in addition to being arguably California’s finest Zinfandel… Its sui generis quality is on abundant display in the latest vintage; the 2012 Ridge Vineyards Geyserville is a strikingly pretty wine, one that trades on finesse rather than power.”

To read the full review, please visit the Men’s Journal website.


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