One Man’s Quest to Reveal What’s Actually in Your Favorite Wines (Wired)

On 8 July 2014, Wired features an article by Christopher Null about wine ingredient labeling and how Paul Draper is spearheading this topic.

“Consumers have largely been left in the dark about what’s really inside the bottle.

Not everyone is thrilled about this, and as with many secrecy-laden industries, transparency is a buzzword that has a few wine industry leaders twittering. Their savior is Paul Draper, who has been lambasting adjuncts for years and who eschews their use at Ridge, where he’s been the chief winemaker since 1969. His newest, somewhat Quixotic quest: to introduce full and truthful labeling to wine bottles. Ridge has published real ingredients labels on its bottles since 2012.”

To read the full article, please visit the Wired website.


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