New at Lytton Springs: Vineyard Vista Lounge

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June 2023

At RIDGE, we embrace a continuous learning mindset. This principle has been ingrained in our organization for decades, initially rooted in our vineyards and winemaking processes and extending to every facet of our operations. This commitment enables us to evolve and excel with each vintage we produce.

We extend our approach to ensure our guests have an exceptional experience when visiting our wineries. Inspired by this philosophy, we are thrilled to introduce a new outdoor hospitality experience, the Vineyard Vista Lounge, at our Lytton Springs winery in Healdsburg.

Taste Exceptional Wines in an Extraordinary Setting

At the far end of our Vineyard Terrace overlooking our century-old vines, our Vineyard Vista Lounge sits inside two unique Nordic-style tipis hand-crafted in Northern Sweden. Outfitted with comfy furniture and plenty of space to gather, it’s the perfect spot for our guests to enjoy a memorable visit to wine country. Designed to accommodate groups and larger gatherings, the Vineyard Vista Lounge tasting experience will be enhanced by a range of culinary themes.

An Immersive Wine Tasting Experience

At the heart of the Vineyard Vista Lounge, you’ll discover the captivating Nordic-style tipis, handcrafted by Tentipi in the picturesque town of Moskosel in northern Sweden. These remarkable structures draw inspiration from the traditional Sami Kata, an invention by the indigenous Sami people residing in northern Sweden, Norway, Finland, and other regions. Originally devised to facilitate the nomadic lifestyle of these communities, the tipis provided shelter as they traversed the treeless plains of northern Scandinavia and the vast Arctic lands, following their precious reindeer herds. To this day, the Sami continue to utilize the Kata as a temporary dwelling, while its popularity has also grown among camping enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds.

We are delighted to introduce our new Vineyard Vista Lounge, an oasis where wine, culture, and nature combine to create unforgettable experiences. By immersing yourself in this unique setting, you’ll not only savor our exceptional wines but also embark on a journey, connecting with the remarkable traditions and experiences that have shaped these timeless landscapes.

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