Meet the Team: Denise Hillman

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Denise Hillman, a Lead Tasting Room Associate at Lytton Springs, first joined Ridge Vineyards in 2016. Denise had been looking to grow in the wine industry and found that opportunity with Ridge.

Denise Hillman, Ridge Vineyards.

1. How do you feel Ridge differs from other wineries?

“Ridge differs in so many ways from other wineries. Our Pre-Industrial philosophy is a perfect example. The transparency of our wine label including the ingredient list sets us apart from the industry norm. The rich history that we have in the California wine industry is like few others. The longevity of the winemaking team and the staff speaks to the consistency and professionalism of the organization.”

2. What are some of your fondest memories while working at Ridge?

“I love working on the events. I am usually the greeter which gives me the opportunity to warmly welcome our members and guests. The food pairings are always amazing and the property shines.”

3. How has your role or responsibilities changed over time?

“My role and responsibilities have always been focused on customer service at the Lytton Springs property. With COVID I have been able to expand my customer service skills by assisting in answering email inquiries and phone calls. With my service background, I have been able to assist in the development of our new appointment-only, seated tasting experience.”

4. If you could make one recommendation to our guests what would that be?

“The Lytton Springs tour experience with the 10 passenger golf cart is a favorite especially during harvest time.”

5. What’s your favorite Ridge fun fact?

“A fun fact is the first bottling of Ridge Lytton Springs in 1972 the font was too big and we could not fit the ‘S’ in Springs on the label. So in 1972 the label reads Lytton Spring. I learned this fun fact from Sue Crane when she visited the Lytton Springs property for the first time in 2019. The joke is the next year we found the other spring.”

6. If you could go wine tasting anywhere in the world, where would you go?

“Why do I need to go anywhere? Ridge has some of the finest wines in the world!”


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