Los Angeles Times: 2012 Paso Robles Zinfandel stunningly good

The 2012 Paso Robles Zinfandel earned an excellent review from the Los Angeles Times (7 June 2014).

“Made from a 90-year-old vineyard in Paso Robles, Ridge Vineyards 2012 “Benito Dusi Ranch” Zinfandel is stunningly good. Though this Zin has 14.8% alcohol, it’s so well balanced you really don’t notice the alcohol. Lush and full-bodied, this deep dark red is perfumed with cherries and plums and tastes of that fruit plus sweet spices, cracked black pepper and a touch of dried herbs. Tannins are there, but they are seamlessly integrated into this beautiful Central Coast Zin..

Break a bottle out for a special barbecue, with steak frites or grilled duck breast. Or pair it with a great burger. And don’t be shy about bringing this one to a dinner party. It can hold its own against reds at twice the price.”

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