Get to Know Trester Goetting, Monte Bello Winemaker

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April 2023

Trester Goetting has been an excellent addition to our winemaking team at Ridge. Trester has already demonstrated a keen appreciation for the traditional pre-industrial winemaking methods we use at Ridge as well as the unique qualities of our Estate vineyards at Monte Bello and Geyserville. Watch as he talks about the myriad experiences that led him to Ridge Vineyards.

25 Years of California Wine Experience

Trester Goetting joined Ridge Vineyards as Monte Bello Winemaker in January 2022. Goetting brings a quarter century of California winemaking experience with him. In collaboration with Head Winemaker & COO John Olney, Goetting will lead all winemaking duties at our Monte Bello winery. Joining him as Cellar Master, Ivan Casas wrote the following words about Trester:

Seamlessly stepping in to the Ridge standards

“I joined the production team at Ridge Monte Bello in December, so my time knowing Trester has been short. Meeting him at both of my interviews, I thought ‘this guy seems really cool’ and so far, he has been. Our cellar crew, many have been here 20+ years, would agree with me and they enjoy working with him. Trester is very open to learning how Monte Bello works from the veterans. After all, Monte Bello is a unique place as it’s built into the mountain and has its challenges.

“He is serious when it comes to winemaking but has a great sense of humor. He shares his knowledge and experience and is very focused on maintaining Monte Bello at a high standard.

“Trester has been a great addition to Ridge Monte Bello, and we are excited for this next chapter as a team! We look forward to learning from him and continuing to make incredible wines together.”

–Ivan Casas, Cellar Master at Monte Bello


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