Get to Know Shauna Rosenblum, Our Lytton Springs Winemaker

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March 2023

From reading a refractometer at three years old to eschewing the family business for art school as a teenager, Shauna took an unorthodox path to becoming a Winemaker. Watch as she talks about growing up in a wine family and why she’s excited to continue the legacy of making exceptional single-vineyard wines at Ridge.

Rosenblum at Ridge: A Perfect Match

Shauna Rosenblum joined Ridge Vineyards as Lytton Springs Winemaker in July 2022. In collaboration with Head Winemaker & COO John Olney, Rosenblum will lead all winemaking duties at our Lytton Springs winery and will be working alongside Michael Bairdsmith, who joined as Lytton’s Assistant Winemaker in 2014. Michael wrote the following words about Shauna:

Diving into her First Ridge Harvest Like a Seasoned Pro

“When Shauna Rosenblum joined our winemaking team mere weeks before the start of harvest, there was no time to stop, smell the roses, and take a moment to reflect on the significance of that news.

“Shauna brings an amazing energy to Ridge. Over this past harvest, she sustained an infectious enthusiasm that spread to the entire vineyard and cellar crew and beyond. We had weeks of blistering heat at the peak of harvest forcing us into a breakneck picking pace, and she was all smiles, like a grimy, wine-stained cheerleader.

“She knows her stuff, too. For example, at one of the weekly educational tastings Shauna started organizing with the Lytton team, she blind tasted and identified a Chardonnay by correct varietal (I did too!) and correct appellation, Margaret River Australia (I did NOT because that’s ridiculous).

“She has served on the board of directors at ZAP (Zinfandel Advocates and Producers) for 5 years, so her commitment and familiarity with our favorite grape runs deep.

“Stylistically and energetically, she’s a perfect match for Ridge, and I think I speak for the whole team at Lytton when I say we’re all thrilled to get to work with her, hopefully for many years to come.”

–Michael Bairdsmith, Assistant Winemaker at Lytton Springs


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