East Bench Featured in “The 16 Best Wines to Serve with Thanksgiving Dinner”


November 2021

In their recent article, Mashed rounds up their favorite wines to complement your Thanksgiving feast this year. The article features our 2019 East Bench Zinfandel as a top pick for its ‘balanced, medium body’ that pairs just as well with turkey as the more traditional Beaujolais and Pinot Noir.

2019 East Bench Zinfandel

“Wines made from the Zinfandel grape are another American classic that deserves a spot at your Thanksgiving dinner table this year. Ridge Vineyards in California carefully tends to its land, producing fine wines with minimal intervention that showcase the surrounding region. The winery’s East Bench Zinfandel is a prime example, made with organic grapes from a single vineyard.

“The final product is structured with juicy cherry and raspberry notes, a hint of oak, and a minty finish. Wine Enthusiast describes the wine as velvety and complex, with dark fruits and gentle tannins that will make a great match for your rich turkey dinner. While it is certainly bolder than some of the lighter reds listed here, this balanced and medium-bodied wine will nonetheless fit right in with your Thanksgiving feast. If you are opting for a more non-traditional menu, this Zinfandel also pairs wonderfully with roast pork.”

-Lucia Capretti, Mashed

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