An Interview With Our Winemakers: Shauna Rosenblum & Trester Goetting

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In 2022, we were fortunate enough to add two incredible winemakers to our winemaking team here at Ridge Vineyards. In February of 2022, Trester Goetting joined us as Winemaker at Monte Bello, and in July, Shauna Rosenblum was named our Lytton Springs Winemaker. Over the last two years, both winemakers have brought such an incredible presence and talent to our team. We recently sat down with them to see what the last two years have been like for them and to get to know them even better and on a more personal level. Let’s see what they have to say!

What do you love most about winemaking? Winemaking at Ridge Vineyards?

Shauna: Wine is science and art, my two favorite subjects. My master’s degree is in Sculpture, and I always felt that the clay had preexisting energy and knew what it wanted to be. As an artist, my job was to be the catalyst to help craft that version of it. There are many crossovers between my art philosophy and Ridge winemaking. When we pick the grapes, I am here to turn the grapes into the best version of themselves as wine. Low intervention winemaking (i.e. native yeast, native malolactic) allows the flow of nature to take control. I always felt that made the most interesting art, and I continue to find that it makes the most interesting wine as well.
Trester: Winemaking satisfies so many different particulars for me. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and pride. It keeps me in tune with the earth and nature, the weather, and the seasons. It allows me to use my knowledge and experience in both art and science. It is something that requires patience and humility. I love that winemaking is ancient and romantic. But the thing that I love most about winemaking is that it provides a form of expression. I love winemaking at Ridge because this expression is not coming from me but from the vineyards. Our hands off, natural approach to winemaking at Ridge is so unique and true in that way.

Who was the most influential person in your career?

Shauna: My dad. My parents raised me in a winery, but it was more than that. My dad explained everything about winemaking and involved me from a very young age. He taught me to read a refractometer at the age of three. He gave me a lifelong installation of learning about wine, which fostered my love of learning, in general. He didn’t have an agenda either. After the first time I told him I had no interest in making wine, his response was, “That’s fine. If you want to go weave baskets in Mexico, we support your decision.” For him I think it was about spending quality time with me and sharing what he was passionate about. That honesty and low-pressure environment pushed me right into being curious about winemaking. Well played!
Trester: My mom. She loved the wine business and wine in general. She taught me how to taste wine and how to speak about wine without feeling intimidated. She helped me learn about wine and was responsible for my introduction into wine production by getting me my first job in a wine cellar at age sixteen. She would be very proud to know that I am now a winemaker for Ridge.

What is your favorite activity outside of the industry?

Shauna: Spending time with my family. ART. Weightlifting, biking, skiing, Pilates.
Trester: Playing music. I play electric and upright bass and love exploring all genres of music.

What have you found most interesting about the last two years in your roles?

Shauna: How much time do you have? This answer could go on and on. I find even the minutiae of day-to-day operations fascinating. But I’d say what is most interesting is the fact that there is not a recipe for Lytton Springs. We taste through the tanks every day during harvest and determine which lots are “Lytton worthy.” In 2022, that list is different than what we selected in 2023.
Trester: I have found that working for a company with two separate wineries to be most interesting. I enjoy the relationships and camaraderie that is created by two separate wineries that share one common goal — to make the best wine possible. I enjoy working with Shauna and the winemaking and vineyard teams at Lytton Springs. I love that we all help each other with winemaking decisions and taste each other’s wines to analyze them together. It has been an incredible learning experience.

What is your favorite way to unwind after harvest?

Shauna: Mexico, the ocean, and tequila.
Trester: Spending time with family and friends. I don’t see them much during harvest, so it is always nice to be together once harvest is finished. To do so on a warm beach in Mexico is even better!

Coolest RIDGE wine you have tasted?

Shauna: Man, this is a very difficult question. 1977 Monte Bello. 1999 Lytton Springs. 2004 Geyserville.
Trester: 1970 Monte Bello. It may have been the experience as much as the wine. I tasted this blind with Paul Draper against a 1970 Chateau Latour — both out of 1.5L bottles.


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