Advance Tasting Program Featured in Bloomberg


April 2021

Ridge Vineyard’s Advance Tasting Program (ATP) was recently featured in a Bloomberg article titled “These Elite Bottles of Wine Are So Exclusive, You Can’t Just Buy Them.” The article, written by wine writer Elin McCoy, dives into nine different well-known wineries with rare wines that are only available in small batches, and often not available at all on the open market.

The feature on Ridge Vineyard’s Advance Tasting Program included the following:

Ridge Spring 2021 ATP Wines

“The legendary Monte Bello cabernet is the star at this California winery in the Santa Cruz Mountains, but Ridge also produces brilliant old-vine, single-vineyard zinfandels and Rhône varietals. Many are available only to members of the Advance Tasting Program. (There are three shipments a year, starting at $196, with three different wines in each; you can choose 2, 4, 6, or 12 bottles of each release, with an average bottle price of $32.) The program is ideal for zin fans, but every wine is worth tasting. Included in this spring’s release are the vibrant, spicy Rockpile Zinfandel and savory Gonsalves Carignane.”

Read the full article or learn more about our Advance Tasting program through the links below:


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