95 points for 2009 Monte Bello and Winery of the Year (Connoisseur’s Guide)

Connoisseur's Guide to California Wine

95 points (***) from the December 2012 issue of Connoisseur’s Guide for our 2009 Monte Bello!

Ridge has quietly been making world-class Cabernets for some forty years and, from the beginning, they have been balanced wines that have emphasized beauty over brawn… Make no mistake, this is by no means a ‘light’ wine, and despite being so well crafted as to be almost seamless, it needs several years of age before even starting to hit its stride, and it is guaranteed to continue to grow for a generation.

But wait, there’s more! We’ve been picked as their Winery of the Year:

“Ridge Vineyards also earns Winery of The Year Award for its multiple three and two star performances, including highest ratings for Monte Bello Cabernet and Lytton Springs Zinfandel. In a world in which winery fortunes and rise and fall, it seems, with the tides, Ridge continues to set standards for others to emulate.”


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