2015 Monte Bello – 95 Points & A Top California Cabernet Worth Collecting


October, 2019

Decanter’s Karen MacNeil takes a closer look at California Cabernets and the style evolution that has occurred in recent vintages due to “eight straight years of drought,” and other environmental factors. She suggests the success of these most recent vintages could be due to a few key elements:

Of all the possible factors, the one that seems most likely to me is a simple fact: the top Cabernet winemakers (some of whom now have 30-plus vintages under their belts) understand the nuances of their terroirs on a granular level. They have left behind the very old days of recipe-made Cabernet, left behind a blinding reverence for fruit flavours alone, even left behind making Cabernet for anyone’s palates but their own. California Cabernet is, I believe, entering a whole new era of excellence.

MacNeil lists 20 California Cabernets worth collecting. Making an appearance on the list and scoring 95 points, our 2015 Monte Bello is “sleek, tight, and precise, with fine tannins and a quiet elegance.”

2015 Monte Bello

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